I just had my mind blown. My mind was literally BLOWN listening to the new Moondrop song, “Tell the World”. I’m on a cloud. Reed Adjibly aka Moondrop has filled the long vacant spot of free-flowing, trap-style music that Seattle has been missing. In a town that is known for

The 2019 VEA Artist Award goes to legendary Seattle talent Danny Clavesilla, known around the world as DJ Supreme La Rock. When we say around the world, we are not embellishing ~ Danny has brought his award-winning musical talents to so some of the most prestigious night clubs in Germany,

Griots, as they are known in West Africa, are part of the traveling storyteller’s tradition, much like the Minstrel’s of Europe. From town to town, Griots share history through poems and songs. It is this oral art form that local artist, educator, and activist Logic Amen has introduced to Seattle

The Alliance, a 120-minute action & suspense thriller recently debuted to VIP audiences in Seattle, Washington, garnering praise for its story-line, casting, directing, and acting. Based on Robert L. Butlers award-winning screenplay the Alliance, the film features 54 local actors in an ensemble cast that keeps the audience engaged from

Having an Artist as your romantic partner can be a wonderfully chaotic mixture of adoration, inspiration, intoxication, and of course frustration. What you should know. Late Hours and Long Nights ~ Nothing good has ever come without time, patience, and a lot of work. And oftentimes great ideas and inspiration

Answer: The Genius of Phil Tavel. Okay, we’ve given you the answer; now here are the questions ~ Who co-created the award winning table-top game Magi-Nation? Who is the co-organizer of West Seattle’s Morgan Juntion Festival? And finally, who recently celebrated his 500th evening hosting Trivia Night at Talarico’s Pizzeria

Gathering together at the Paramount Theater for a fundraising event benefiting the Mona Foundation, Rainn Wilson and local celebrities joined forces to support grass-roots education initiatives happening around the globe. If you’re a fan of sitcoms, you are undoubtedly aware that Rainn Wilson is quite possibly the greatest comedic presence to