Answer: The Genius of Phil Tavel.

Okay, we’ve given you the answer; now here are the questions ~ Who co-created the award winning table-top game Magi-Nation? Who is the co-organizer of West Seattle’s Morgan Juntion Festival? And finally, who recently celebrated his 500th evening hosting Trivia Night at Talarico’s Pizzeria in West Seattle? The answer is the multi-talented Phil Tavel. Congratulations Phil on a decade of successfully bringing people together to make new friends, support local businesses, and learn a little more about pop culture, current events, and obscure facts & figures.

Phil Tavel is a man who wears many hats ~ full-time attorney, iconic table-top game creator, community festival organizer, and a prized role as husband and father. Most recently Phil added another gem to his long list of achievements by hosting his 500th night of trivia in West Seattle.
About a decade ago, a friend invited Phil to accompany him to trivia night at Talarico’s Pizzeria. Phil had so much fun that he soon became a regular attendee of the event. Phil’s friendly demeanor and great relationship with Talarico’s staff made him the go-to guy when the original host needed to miss an evening. The night went so well that Phil was asked back and before too long was hosting regularly.
The big 500 winners were Robert Kraft’s Massage Parlor, with The B-Team in second place, and the Peppy Chimpers rounding out third. The big 500 was well attended, with a celebration that included complementary pizza and champagne for all players; many of whom have been attending Trivia night for almost as long as Phil has been hosting.

Talarico’s trivia night begins at 8:30p every Wednesday at 4718 California Avenue SW. Get yourself a few friends and come out for a great night of team building, pizza & pasta, and good old-fashioned fun.

You may have also seen Phil at the Morgan Junction Festival on June 22nd. Phil has been a co-organizer of the festival for several years as part of the Morgan Junction Arts Committee.

Pop quiz: What in the world hasn’t this guy done…???