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I just had my mind blown.

My mind was literally BLOWN listening to the new Moondrop song, “Tell the World”.

I’m on a cloud.

Reed Adjibly aka Moondrop has filled the long vacant spot of free-flowing, trap-style music that Seattle has been missing.

In a town that is known for its Pearl Jamming grunge rock, Kenny G jazz, and Sir Mixlemore rap, there has always been an empty spot when it came to house/trap music. Today, Moondrop claimed that crown, parked his moon-buggy on stage, and flew his flag from the mic stand.

Moondrop’s song “Tell the World” (featuring Kayla Lewis), is getting lots of love with heavy airplay on local radio stations, and garnering attention and interest from out of state venues and promoters.

Moondrop, aka Reed Adjibly was born and raised in Shoreline, just north of Seattle, and had worked with local artists such as Matondo prior to releasing his first single. Officially, Moondrop has been independent since March 2019, when “To the Moon” was completed and shared with the public.

According to Moondrop, he likes to spend hours in the studio just vibing. He says that the best thing about what he does is being able to have an outlet to express himself emotionally, and having a space to be unrestrictedly himself, showing people exactly who he is, with honest insight into what is going on in his head. Just true emotions over beats; that’s what he loves the most about what he is doing with his music right now.

His favorite story involves sharing his first song with his parents. Moondrop says that “the song was made for them, and all I wanted was for them to see the vision that I had for myself and for my music. Their faces lit up when I played it for them. Later, they gave me a chain with a moon on it, which really encouraged me and let me know that this was what I was meant to do.”

As a music lover and more often a music critic I have high standards for what I listen to. Having said that, I can guarantee you that Moondrop is the real deal. You will absolutely love bumping his music in your car, or chilling on the couch enjoying a little “me” time.

Moondrop’s record release party is scheduled for early December, with the location and guest list hush, hush, so far. But he says that as the date gets closer he may share the information with his social media friends, family, and fans. My suggestion is subscribe to Moondrop and start following him TODAY. If the info does go out to the public there may be a rush to get tickets before they are all gone. Be the first to know.

Moondrop also shared that he is working on a few new things as we speak, and there may be a few fresh releases before the end of the year or early 2020. “There’s a lot of things in the works including new visuals and collaborations,” he said. “Next year you will see a full album release and a series of live performances throughout the city and across the country. I love performing and getting to see all the people vibing to my music, so there will definitely be a lot more shows on the calendar.”

Moondrop already has a full plate, attending college while navigating his musical career. But he’s still open to new projects and partnerships, mentioning local talent Royce David, and Chandler Williams as two artists he would like to work with.

If you are the type of person that likes to be on the cutting edge, check this cat out. Moondrop is on a meteoric trajectory and we’d be wise to grab his coattails before he’s out of reach. I see big things around the corner for this rising star.

IG: @reedadjibly
FB: Reed Adjibly
Spotify/Apple/Pandora: Moondrop

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