Get To Know The Unified Outreach Team

Building a COMMUNITY Where All Youth Are Safe and Valued

Who We Are

Founded in 1998 Unified Outreach is a unique Arts-based 501c3 Charity that provides programs to community centers, public and private schools, transitional housing/youth shelters, and other organizations seeking to provide industry level Arts instruction to children in Seattle’s under-served neighborhoods.

OUR MISSION is to assist under-served, at-risk, disabled, and arts-starved youth with personal growth and character-building using the Arts to break down racial, economic, and social barriers, to inspire creativity, to build confidence, and to promote positive self-esteem.

We have a 20-year history of providing enrichment classes to K-5  students, work-readiness classes to 13-18-year-old opportunity youth, a  free to the public community arts magazine (, as well as multiple free community events that bring neighbors together; including cultural celebrations, fashion &  runway extravaganza’s, talent shows, and race & culture dialogue forums.

Our Board is made up of over 70% of people of color, over 50% women; with our teaching staff reflecting similar numbers. Our leadership team prides itself on being student/client-driven when it comes to class offerings and we make every effort to provide the art training classes and community events that our students and families want to see, which is why we boast one of the most eclectic teaching rosters in the city.

Ed Dumas - Executive Director
Patrice Toston - Communications Director
Damon Williams - Donation & Fundraising Liaison
David Toledo - Program Manager
Cinnamon Rosa - Health & Wellness Liaison
Sevrign Coleman - Sales & Advertising Manager

What We Do

Unified Outreach has a 20 year history of building bridges between diverse cultures and communities and are proud to offer our knowledge and experience with you and your team. We provide a number of programs and workshops including business consulting, leadership development, team building exercises, daily workshops, and long term partnerships. All services taught by instructors with an honest and genuine interest in seeing positive change and successful growth between races. For contracting/booking information about our consulting team, please use the contact button at the top of the page.
Areas of Focus:
– Race & Culture Dialogue Forums
– Unconscious Bias Training
– Intercultural Conflict Management
– Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion
– Cultural Competence Training



We build safe communities! We bring neighbors together to understand and celebrate our unique differences, finding new friends, allies, associates, and colleagues. As we build a more positive city, we tear down racial, cultural and economic barriers using arts and technology to build a bridge of communication and cooperation.

Unified Outreach proudly offers industry level arts and technology classes to underserved areas; focusing on building self-esteem and teaching viable career training and life skills to low income, at-risk, minority, special needs, and economically challenged youth. Unified Outreach builds a bridge across racial, cultural and economic barriers using arts and technology, in a safe learning environment where children are encouraged to work together on group projects. These projects allow children to interact with others, make new friends, break down stereotypes, and receive positive feedback from their peers. By working in groups, youth make new friendships, break-down barriers, and learn to function as part of a team.

Unified Outreach cares out our youth!  We’ve partnered with youth advocacy groups such as Circle of Love Outreach, SW Youth & Family Services, and SWVPI to reach at-risk and opportunity youth with genuine educational opportunities that build self-esteem and provide unique paths for personal and professional growth. We’ve launched community campaigns and marched to stop the youth-on-youth violence, and built work-readiness programs that offer youth a fun and educational environment that focuses on communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, resume construction, and mock interviews, as well as exploring career

Over the past 20 years, Unified Outreach has created a diverse catalogue of positive programs that have contributed to King County’s rich artistic and cultural scene.  Unified Outreach is unmatched when it comes to the diversity of our offerings, which include K-5 arts & enrichment classes, young adult work-preparedness classes, race & culture dialogue forums, summer art day camps, SPS summer learning loss-prevention partnerships, free grocery give-a-ways, free community events and cultural celebrations, and more.