Unified Outreach has a 20 year history of building bridges between diverse cultures and communities and are proud to offer our knowledge and experience with you and your team. We provide a number of programs and workshops including business consulting, leadership development, team building exercises, daily workshops, and long term partnerships. All services taught by instructors with an honest and genuine interest in seeing positive change and successful growth between races. For contracting/booking information about our consulting team, please use the contact button at the top of the page.
Areas of Focus:
– Race & Culture Dialogue Forums
– Unconscious Bias Training
– Intercultural Conflict Management
– Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion
– Cultural Competence Training

Unified Outreach partners with community advocasy groups to work with at-risk and opportunity youth to provide structured work preparedness classes that provide young adults with both education and career tracks. These programs help to build self-esteem and confidence needed to succeed and make a positive contribution to society.  

One example of a successful and popular class is the Unified Outreach work-readiness-in-event-management is an employment preparedness program for young adults ages 13-17 and 18-24. The program focuses on employment in the field of event management with syllabus focusing on Fashion & Runway, Musical Performances, Talent Shows, and Comedy Showcases.  These classes assign four teams of youth to plan, design, and deliver a 40 minute free community event.

Teams consist of Facilities/Stage Set-Up, Sound & Lighting, Promotions/PR/Marketing, Photo & Video Production, and Stage Management/Models/Runway. Students also learn to build resumes, interview, investigate networking opportunities, education, and career tracks.

Is it possible for people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and economic status to live in the real community? Yes, it is.

In 2020 Unified Outreach partnered with the Department of Neighborhoods to engage in positive dialogue aimed at breaking down social barriers and stereotypes as we build bridges to a more unified Seattle.

From January through May 2020, Unified Outreach hosted 6 individual Race & Culture Dialogue Forums, welcoming positive communication and bridge-building across the city.